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  1. Ionuț Murarețu, Sorin Ilie, Mihaela Ilie 2018. Initial Results on the Effectiveness of a Skill-Based Approach to Human Resource Allocation , Annals of the University of Craiova, series: Automation, Computers, Electronics and Mechatronics ISSN: 1841-0626 , CNCSIS code 11 , pp 19-24
  2. Mihaela Ilie, Sorin Ilie, Ionuț Murarețu,2018. Applying Game Theory Economics to Clean Renewable Energy Source Implementation in Urban Areas, 2018 International Conference on Applied and Theoretical Electricity (ICATE) proceedings, indexed Thomson Reuters ISI, IEEE Catalog Number: CFP1699S-ART ISBN: 978-1-4673-8562-6 , (acceptata pentru publicare)
  3. Sorin Ilie, Mihaela Ilie, Ionuț Murarețu, 2018. Mathematical Model of a Crowd Supplied Vehicle Rental Software System The Annals of the University of Craiova - Mathematics and Computer Science series, 45(1) , ISSN 1223-6934, Online ISSN 2246-9958 (acceptata pentru publicare)
  4. Mihaela Ilie, Sorin Ilie, Ionuț Murarețu, 2018. An Adaptive Recommender System for Human Resource Allocation in Software Projects - Initial Results on an Agent-Based Simulation ACSys workshop of the 2018 International Symposium on Symbolic and Numeric Algorithms for Scientific Computing, Timisoara, indexed proceedings Thomson Reuters (ISI) (acceptata)
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